Kelley Auto Auction provides on-site clean ups for cars running through our sale!!

Clean ups can be performed on vehicles Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

If you wish for your vehicle to be cleaned for the same week's sale, the vehicle needs to be on our lot between Monday 9 A.M.-Tuesday 2:30 P.M. Vehicles dropped off on Friday will be cleaned and ready for the following Thursday sale. ALL PRICES BASED OFF AVERAGE VEHICLES, IF VEHICLE IS EXTREMELY SOILED PRICES WILL BE ADJUSTED. 

Exterior Wash, Vacuum, Interior Wipe Down, and Tire Shine $30

Exterior Wash, Vacuum, Interior Wipe Down, Door Panels, Cup Holders, Windows, and Tire Shine $75

Spot Stain Removal ADD $10

Hair/Sand Removal ADD $20

Extreme Hair/Sand Removal ADD $45

Kelley Auto Auction has the right to deny ANY requested details. IF VEHICLE IS EXTREMELY DIRTY PRICES WILL CHANGE AND CUSTOMER WILL BE NOTIFIED BEFORE WORK IS PERFORMED. Any amount of garbage is encouraged to be removed before bringing vehicle to help maintain prices shown above. Owners/Dealers are responsible for any personal objects inside vehicle. Kelley Auto Auction is not responisble for belongings left inside vehicle once the vehicle is checked in and cleaning has begun.